- Today -
   Parker's Classic Auto Works is a 7220 square foot state of the art facility. We employ 13 full time personnel and perform over 75 repairs a month. We are a member of the Coalition of Collision Repair Excellence, a national organization of consumer advocacy. We are a full service consumer advocate shop, providing evaluation of suspected faulty repairs and consultation and service to the consumer.
   Recently we decided to break off from being a participant in the direct repair program favored by many insurance companies. Direct repair program participants have increasingly become subject to insurance company demands such as the repair of parts that should be replaced, using after-market parts, or salvaged parts. Some insurance companies may demand a reduced refinish time on a vehicle. In addition, many insurance companies demand additional discounts and pressure participating repair shops to offer appearance discounts rather than perform minor repairs that will improve the appearance of the vehicle. In our experience, these practices are done to improve the bottom line of the insurance company and offer no benefit or savings to the consumer. In fact, such actions can adversely affect the safety and value of the vehicle.
- The Beginning -
   Owner Mike Parker is a native Vermonter with a life-long passion for automobiles. He began working in a body shop while in high school, and full time right after his graduation. For many years Mike worked part time in various body shops while building a career at the Rutland GE plant. Mike grew through the offering of company offered professional continuing education courses in statistical process control, continuous improvement and other courses in manufacturing and management. During his career at GE he worked as a production clerk, supervisor, and process control engineer.
   Parker's Classic Auto Works first day of operation as it is now today was December 1, 1990. Over the years the original facility has expanded from 4200 square feet. Mike continued to work at GE and Valerie worked as an office manager for a local dentist while they built their business. Together they bring a variety of skills that result in the highest level of customer service, making Parker's Classic Auto Works the premiere repair shop in the Rutland County region, setting a standard of professional practice. Through the years the business has grown to employ both owners Mike and Valerie Parker full time.